Have you ever seen people running a race wearing a "Team [insert name]" shirt? Many times these are people who are running the race for charity or to help raise awareness of a cause. It's common to see these runners at large marathons, such as the Boston Marathon or the New York City Marathon. However, you can create charity teams for a race of any length.

Do you have a charity that you would like to support by creating a team? Would your charity or non-profit organization like to raise more awareness in the local community?

Zosha Training can work with your organization to help create a team and develop a group training program. Zosha Training provides the following options:

  • Develop the program and conduct the training on behalf of your organization
  • Develop a program and train your staff to conduct the training program
  • Provide clinics and talks throughout the training program if the training is not conducted by Zosha Training

If you would like to learn more about how Zosha Training's charity training programs, get in touch with us now.