Race Report: 1791 Trail Run 5K at Berwick Academy 2013

18 June 2013, 12:00 am Written by  Daryle Lamoureux
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As I was posting my race report for the Market Square Day 10K, I realized that I never wrote a report for the 1791 Trail Run 5K at Berwick Academy. So here it goes …

Quite honestly, I wasn’t sure if I was going to run this race. There were a few factors that were going against it: (1) I had run the Pineland Trail 50K the previous Sunday and (2) my youngest daughter had a day-long softball tournament at school on that same day. However, I was interested and I wanted to support some friends that were helping to organize the run.

As the morning of the race rolled around, my body was feeling pretty good (issue #1 eliminated) and I found out that my daughter’s first softball game of the day didn’t start until 10:15. Since Berwick Academy is located a couple miles away from my house, this would give me time to run the race, go home, take a shower and then get to my daughter’s school (issue #2 eliminated). So I got ready for the race and was on my way.

This was the inaugural running of the race, and the field was small (48 finishers). I arrived about 45 minutes before the race, paid my $20 (which got me a t-shirt and a cinch bag). Most of the runners were students or parents with a smattering of other runners such as me.

The race took place on Saturday, June 1, which turned out to be very warm with a touch of humidity. It had rained a little bit during the week, so we would expect to find a little bit of water on the course, but not much.

Let’s talk about the course. It was not a traditional trail race. It was (not surprisingly) a cross country course. What do I mean by this? Some of the course went along the soccer field and along the lawns of the campus as well as through trails in the woods. But no complaints from me. It was all very runnable.

The trails were well maintained and non-technical. There were a few spots with some incline that posed a challenge to runners as well as one area with a slightly aggressive downhill. In places there were some roots, but for the most part, the trail was flat and packed with very few rocks and roots to get in the way.

I had not great expectations for my performance for the day. I ran an 8:44 pace (which placed me 12th overall and 2nd in my age group), nothing stellar but it was a good recovery run.

At the finish, there was plenty of water as well as a nice selection of breads other things to eat.

If you’re curious about trail running or new to trail running, I would definitely recommend running this race next year. Assuming no schedule conflicts, you can expect to see me there too!

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